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Ecumenical Advocacy Days

Jesus Weeps - Resisting Violence, Building Peace March 21-24, 2014 | Washington, D.C.
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Update - September 2013

From Don McCoid & Kathryn Lohre LWF North American Regional Meeting Martin Junge, General Secretary of the LWF, met with representatives of the ELCIC and the ELCA, our North America Committee of the LWF, on September 12.  We looked at possibilities of an expanded region including Latin America.  This would take some time to develop. We also discussed relationships and next steps with the Ethiopian Church.  We covered a range of concerns including Syria and a project for North America that would be included as a LWF development project.  It was a very informative and good meeting.

Chapter 3 of the Constitution (Ecclesiology) Meeting On September 13, we had our first meeting on ecclesiology. This is in response to looking at the ELCA constitution that is very good in naming the three expressions of the ELCA (congregations, synods, and churchwide), but is limited in considering the wider expression of the church (LWF as our communion of churches and the one, holy, catholic, and apos…


Welcome to the Lutheran Ecumenical Representatives Network blog! This is the place to find:
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The blog will replace the print newsletter LERNing. If you would like to suggest a topic for an article, or even better, write something to appear here, please contact any member of the board:

Chris Olkiewicz, President - Mary Finklea, Vice President  - Tim Philabaum, Secretary - t…

Update - August 2013

The Rev. Donald J. McCoid
Kathryn M. Lohre

UCC General Synod, Long Beach, California, June 28-29 – Kathryn attended the UCC General Synod in both her ELCA and NCC roles. Three UCC officers, including General Minister and President Geoffrey Black, were re-elected by the Synod. The five officers presented their “Bold Inspirational Goals” or BIGs to the Synod, as the UCC seeks to shape its vision for the future. The Synod passed a resolution re. divestment from fossil fuels, an historic first among churches in the US. Other issues addressed by the Synod included: immigration reform, bullying, racial justice, and gender justice. The Synod was held in the days immediately following the Supreme Court action to strike down DOMA, clearing the way for marriage equality to return to California. A same-gender marriage was celebrated by those gathered, receiving significant media attention. Lutheran-Moravian Coordinating Committee, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, July 14-16 – Kathryn attended the LMCC mee…