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Update -- January 2014

From Don McCoid and Kathryn Lohre A brief update was offered by Don this month. Kathryn continues on parental leave.
Declaration on the Way The first meeting will be held during the last week in January. Papers are being drafted now. Each of the three Lutheran members are paired with one of the three Roman Catholic members on the topics of baptism, ministry, and ecclesiology.
Christian Churches TogetherThe annual meeting of CCT will be held during the first weekend in February.
Lutheran-Catholic DialogueThe U.S. dialogue team resumes meeting in February.
Board Meeting HighlightsLERN Annual ReportWe discussed new questions to incorporate into the current version of the report that all LERN members are asked to complete annually. The form will be available for members to fill out on-line this year. Look for a link to arrive in your inbox soon.
NWCU PlanningPlanning for LERN plenaries at the Albuquerque Workshop continues. In addition to an extensive update from Don and Kathryn and an opport…