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Join the Luther Reading Challenge!

What did Martin Luther really say in the 95 Theses? Is it true he had a special affection for the Virgin Mary? Did he think the Old Testament was all law and no gospel? What was his advice concerning prayer? Did he advocate good works? Why was the real presence of Christ the center of all his thinking? How did his last will and testament break the law (in favor of his wife)?
What did Luther actually say and think?
As the Reformation anniversary in October 2017 draws near, Martin Luther will be a hot topic of conversation. Lutheran churches are already asking themselves how to commemorate the big event. It’s not too early to start preparing! And what better way to do so than actually to read and discuss Luther’s own words?
That’s where the Luther Reading Challenge comes in. Sign up for a free account and join countless other readers around the world in reading, discussing, and reflecting on Luther’s important writings!
Each text begins with an introduction, giving its context and key themes. You…