Friday, December 4, 2015

An invitation from Interfaith Partners for Peace


Dear Friends,

I've been involved for about a year now with the Interfaith Partners for Peace, which is giving resources and leadership to grass-roots clergy dyads (rabbi & pastor) around the country in studying together and working together on behalf of a two-state resolution of the Arab-Israeli-Palestinian conflict. See the link to our IP4P web page for more information on this.

We are currently recruiting dyads for 2016, including a study trip to Israel and Palestine over 6-15 March 2016 (who wouldn't want to be in Jerusalem for the 5th Sunday in Lent?!). Interested clergy can sign the partnership pledge on the website and the staff at JCPA will contact them about next steps. Or they can send questions through the website or directly to me.

This program is the closest thing I've seen yet to building the kind of interfaith movement that understands and supports the "both-and" approach to Israel and Palestine that I think most moderate American Christians want to see, and for which I believe we have worked hard in our efforts as a panel.

Please share this invitation with anyone you know who might be interested, including yourselves. The trip is not no-cost, but it's heavily subsidized and therefore financially within reach of many of our clergy. And I'll be one of the study leaders on the trip (whichever way that plays for potential recruits!).

Peter Pettit
Muhlenberg College

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