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January update

COMING SOON: Registration info for the National Workshop on Christian Unity!
From Kathryn Johnson and Kathryn Lohre
NCC Jewish-Christian Dialogue
In mid-November 2016, the National Council of Churches/National Council of Synagogues Jewish-Christian dialogue on pastoral issues convened in Charleston, South Carolina. Mary Finklea attended in person and Kathryn Lohre joined via Skype for the second half of the meeting. Topics of conversation included the impact of the presidential election of both communities, white privilege, and (interestingly) Israel/Palestine. This was the first time this issue was allowed on the agenda since the breakdown in dialogue in 2012. The focus was primarily on Jewish concerns regarding a joint statement from the NCC and WCC General Secretaries following a forum in September.
LSTC Orthodox Event
Overlapping with the Jewish-Christian dialogue was a significant event at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago with the Orthodox. On November 15, LSTC ceremoni…